Child Molestation

Fighting Child Sex Abuse Charges

The phrase “child molestation” conjures up some very specific images in the mind of the average person, but rarely do these images resemble the real lives of people who have been charged with this offense.

I’m attorney Jim Pokorny, and over my 30 years of California criminal defense experience, I have defended many people against this devastating accusation. If you’ve been charged with child molestation, you need a vigorous advocate on your side immediately. Contact me at my offices in San Diego for a free phone consultation about your charges.

Protecting Your Rights From Day One

Child molestation charges typically involve a minor that the defendant knows well, such as a stepchild, another household member or someone with whom the adult has a mentoring relationship.

As with any other crime, people accused of child molestation are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty. If you have been charged with this crime, you should not speak to the police or anyone else until you have consulted a lawyer.

You may be charged with actual child molestation or attempted child molestation. Either way, the prosecutors must prove a number of specific elements in order to obtain a conviction. I am experienced at protecting my clients’ rights in child molestation and other sex crime cases.

Carefully Examining Testimony and Evidence

Accusations about sexual conduct with a child can vary from sexual intercourse to inappropriate touching to lewd and lascivious behavior. Often what actually happened is open to different interpretations, and often a child’s memories will change over time.

It is important to have an advocate who will stick up for your rights but also take a calm, objective approach to the evidence and helping you through an emotionally difficult criminal defense process. When you need an attorney to defend you against child molestation charges, don’t hesitate to contact me.